Vacation Care

Your pets are much happier in their own home when you are away. Having a professional pet service person visit your home for the needed visits will be less traumatizing and more comforting and familiar. Staying at home has many benefits.  Your pets will not be exposed to other animals, diseases, and parasites. We provide daily detailed reports in your absence. Ease your stress, knowing that your furry, family members are being loved, cared for and happy. Along with great care of your pets, vacation pet service care also includes monitoring of your home.

  • Keeping your pets on as normal a schedule as possible.
  • Walking, exercising, and playing to help maintain their health.
  • Giving each pet the proper amount of food and water.
  • Making sure each pet is eating.
  • Administering medications appropriately.
  • Checking up accidents, food areas, and potty areas.
  • Having play time, sweet talking, belly rubbing, head scratching, and an abundance of love.
  • Doing the extra steps needed for puppies, kittens, and special needs pets.
  • Giving treats if allowed.
  • Taking dogs out to potty at all times needed.
  • Leaving daily notes for the pet parents
  • Making contact with pet parents if there are any concerns.
  • Keeping open communication and updates with each pet parent, for they know their pets best.
  • Having educated, compassionate, articulate, and professional pet care providers.


  • Maintain security system
  • Bring in newspapers, deliveries, mail, etc.
  • Watering plants if requested
  • Taking care of garbage and recycling on specified days
  • Double checking internal and external doors
  • Alternating blinds and lights
  • TV or radio off/on request
  • Other customized services


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