Some words from our client parents

My husband and I have used Dee Dee as a pet sitter for more than 2 years. She sincerely was the ‘dog whisperer’ for our old dog, Roscoe.  Roscoe was a cranky, old Llasa Apso who hated everyone (me included – he belonged to my husband before we married!). Dee Dee walked in and won his heart. She kept him every time we left town until he died. We now have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who loves everyone (the anti-Roscoe!).  We always leave her in Dee Dee’s care.  Dee Dee is reliable with not only our pet but has taken good care of our plants and mail while we’ve been away.  I highly recommend her.  ~ Aline


Dee Dee Fouts (aka The Pet Nanny) has acted as my cat/house sitter for two years. During this time, she has been incredibly reliable, often agreeing to pet-sit on a day’s notice when I was called out of town for my job. She provides an excellent service detailing the cats’ activities and hers for each day that I am gone. She not only provides the basic pet care but she pays attention to them, “loving on them” and spending time with them. She had frequently been called on to give medication and has to every visit now that I have one cat who has to have daily meds for his hyper-thyroidism. In addition to her excellent pet sitting, she provides me with peace of mind in house sitting as well: getting mail, watering my many plants, and feeding the birds. She goes beyond the call of duty washing up the cats’ dishes and sweeping up litter around their boxes so that my house probably looks better when I get home than when I left. Her rates are very reasonable for the service she provides. I always feel comfortable that I can leave my “babies” with Dee Dee with no worries. She also welcomes a mom’s calls and will let me know how all is going when I am away from home.  I would heartily recommend Dee Dee to help with all your pet-sitting needs!  ~ Beth


How great it is to have someone like Dee Dee available to take care of our cat, Chloe, when we have to go out of town.  I never worry about how Chloe is getting along.  I know that she enjoys her visits with Dee Dee each and every day.  The bonus is that I don’t have to worry about the mail getting picked up or other such things that Dee Dee can do while she is here.  Just one more thing to make my life simpler!  ~ Linda


Dee Dee has really been a life saver, making having two dogs and two crazy careers possible.  She is fabulous with dogs, very reliable, and trustworthy and is even willing to go the extra mile when travel plans go awry requiring an unscheduled late night visit to make sure the dogs are okay.  We have been very pleased with her services and would be very enthusiastic to recommend her to any potential clients.  ~ Amy, Brian, Shorty and Guinness


I highly recommend Deborah “Dee Dee” Fouts, The Pet Nanny, for your animal care needs. I met her at an employee service fair at UNC. She is very personable, professional, efficient, thorough, dependable and most importantly LOVES animals! During my most recent vacation she came to my home both mornings and evenings to let my three dogs in and out and fed and played with them. She kept a daily diary of their activities as well. Beyond pet care, it is reassuring to have someone look after you home while away so that it appears that someone is there. She took in the mail, paper and turned lights on and off, and will even put the trash bin to the curb if needed. The fee she charged was very reasonable considering what it would cost to board the animals and they were able to remain in the comfort of their own home and yard. My dogs were very happy and content upon my return. I am extremely satisfied with her care and service and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for pet care.  ~ Helen


I am happy to recommend Dee Dee Fouts, The Pet Nanny.  I have a 5 year old Yorkie named Hunter who is intimidated by most other dogs. When I relocated to the Triangle area about a year ago, initially, I had no other option than to board Hunter in a kennel. Although it was a fine facility, given Hunter’s fear of other dogs, it just wasn’t a good match. I felt terrible when I had to leave him there for more than a day knowing his options were to be left in a pen or be mixed in with a large group of dogs during the scheduled play times.  Then I found Dee Dee. It was immediately apparent when she greeted Hunter with cuddling and hugs that she really cared about making him feel loved and comfortable. Now Hunter stays with Dee Dee and her lovely dog Maggie in her home whenever we go on day trips and for longer vacations. I know when I leave Hunter with Dee Dee he will be staying in a clean, comfortable environment and getting all the love and affection he would get at home and he will be getting regular exercise.  Dee Dee really does treat Hunter as if he were her own. Hunter is afraid of loud noises, especially thunder. When there was a storm at night, Dee Dee has taken Hunter into bed until the storm has passed. If he had been in a kennel, he would have had to suffer through the storm alone. The times that Hunter was on medication, I was able to trust Dee Dee to give him the correct dosage at the appropriate times.  It’s great now to be able to enjoy going away without guilt knowing I’ll be coming back to a happy, healthy pet thanks to the loving care Hunter gets when he stays with Dee Dee. I would recommend Dee Dee to any pet owner with no reservations.  ~ Susan


I have 2 very sweet rescue dogs (Milo and Dudley); but one of them (Milo) is very skiddish around people, noises, inanimate objects with faces painted on them— you get the idea.  I needed a back-up caregiver for a trip, so I hired Dee Dee to do twice a week visits (to see if Milo would/could adapt to another).  It took a bit, but Dee Dee did not give up and was respectful of his emotional issues.  She took her time getting to know him over several weeks and was excellent at reading his needs.  The patience Dee Dee showed with him, and gentle belly rubs and massages as he grew more comfortable, have really done the trick.  Now both my furry children run to greet her for their special treat mid-week walks.  I was able to confidently leave town for the trip, knowing that Milo would be fine. I have continued the walks, and the positive effects have spilled over into all Milo’s interactions with people.   At 5 years old, he has done considerable ‘blossoming’ this year and is enjoying life more than ever.  Milo will never be as crazy and outgoing as Dudley (a complete love magnet, and perhaps a little less, umh, shall we say complex?)—- but the change in Milo has truly been remarkable.  I highly recommend Dee Dee, aka: ‘The Pet Nanny’; she is kind, reliable, and truly loves her four-legged clients. ~ Amy Kendrick (Milo and Dudley’s Human)


Please accept my strong recommendation for Dee Dee Fouts, The Pet Nanny.  I recently used Dee Dee’s services to care for my 2 cats and 2 dogs for several weeks.  My cat, Oscar, had been injured a couple of days before I was to leave town and Dee Dee took great care of him.  He is also on insulin and oral meds so needs attention two times a day.  Dee Dee came three times a day and played and loved on all of them each time she came.  Dee Dee truly loves animals and it shows.  She was a joy to work with, being both very personable as well as professional.  She has established her service with the highest degree of thoroughness and professionalism.  Please consider Dee Dee for services regarding you and your pet.  Both of you will enjoy the benefits of Dee Dee’s special touch.  ~ Kathy


I am writing to share my experience with Dee Dee, who has given exceptional care to my two dogs, Winnie and LuLu, since March 2009.  Dee Dee provided daily dog walking services for both dogs.  On several occasions, I also scheduled Dee Dee for evening visits, when work required that I be out in the evening.  Dee Dee also provided overnight care for my dogs when I had to travel for work or when I was on vacation.  She kept both of my dogs at her home and provided convenient services such as picking them up at my house and dropping them off before I arrived home.

Dee Dee provided wonderful care for Winnie and LuLu far exceeding my expectations.  Dee Dee always arrived on time and never short changed Winnie and LuLu on their visit.  She walked my dogs daily, provided them extra love and attention, provided them with water, and always cleaned up after the dogs (particularly important on those rainy days!).  Dee Dee is also a great help in training as she enforces house rules and follows through on training strategies that I have learned (and that Dee Dee has taught me).  Dee Dee is extremely dependable – she has never called to say that she had to cancel.  She is also very accommodating with changes in schedule and always returned my phone calls promptly.  She always leaves a note about her visit and has phoned me a few times when Winnie or LuLu seemed ill or not themselves.  Winnie, LuLu, and I would highly recommend Dee Dee as a caregiver for your pets.  She has been a great help to me, allowing me to enjoy my dogs, even with the demands of a busy work life!  I feel she truly cares about animals and is genuinely concerned about their well-being.  ~ Leslie Ann


I enthusiastically recommend Dee Dee (Deborah) Fouts as a capable, caring, passionate pet setter who truly loves animals and who goes above and beyond to make them, and their people, have peace of mind.  I had another pet sitter whom I had hired to take care of my cat a couple of years ago. When I reacquired my English Bulldog, Sunnye, the pet sitter did OK but wasn’t really a dog person. Then my sister moved in with me several weeks ago, and she has a tiny Feist dog, Otis, that doesn’t get along with Sunnye. My other pet sitter could barely get Sunnye out the door to do her business, and she couldn’t even catch Otis to take him out! So my money was not being well-spent on her.  One day when my sister was walking Otis, the little Feist, Dee Dee came up to her (we are neighbors) and admired Otis, and he took to her right away. She does more than just take care of pets; she trains their owners! She showed my sister and I how to get Otis and Sunnye to get along better.  Then, when Sunnye had surgery recently, and Dee Dee was unable to get Sunnye to go out because the anesthesia still hadn’t worn off completely, she went back to my house a couple of hours later to try to let her out again. That saved me from having to leave work.  Dee Dee is so valuable to my sister and me! Our pets love her. She is sweet and kind to them, and she understands that they are our babies, but she also lets them know that she’s in charge. And that is just what we needed. I don’t have a cat right now (he passed away in October), but Dee Dee loves cats just as much as she loves dogs.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You will be thrilled with Dee Dee, both as a person and as a pet sitter/caretaker. And your pets will love her, too.  ~  Libbye M.


“There are many things that impress me about Dee Dee. Initially it was when she came to the house to meet us, she immediately got on the floor and interacted with Jessie. After our first meeting, I felt comfortable opening my house and leaving Jessie in her capable care. Other words I would use to describe Dee Dee are warm, friendly, dependable, intuitive and energetic. I never worry when I leave town and Dee Dee is taking care of my 4 legged furry daughter…..having that peace of mind is priceless!”  ~ Nan


“Dee Dee, the Pet Nanny, is a true wonder.  She is more than a pet caretaker, she treats each animal like they are her own.  My dog Patton and Dee Dee have a very special relationship.  I am constantly amazed at Patton’s reaction when Dee Dee comes to walk him.  Dee Dee has been walking and taking care of Patton for over 2 1/2 years.  She is responsive, extremely reliable and a true friend to all.  I recommend Dee Dee with my highest respect and admiration.”  ~ Gayle


Dee Dee took care of both my Australian Cattle Dogs on many occasions when I was out of town during 2009. My two Australian Cattle Dogs are active, playful, and protective. “Dee Dee the Pet Nanny” took the time to interview myself and my dogs before I went out of town. She asked me several important medical questions and made sure my dogs and I were comfortable with her. She assured me that my dogs would be given walks, care, and most of all love. When I was out of town I had called Dee Dee a few times because I was worried about the dogs. She made sure she answered her phone and when I expressed my concerns, she did a wonderful job of setting my mind at ease. Every time I have arrived home, there has been a detailed note of the activities that the dogs did and how they behaved. I was very pleased to see that someone took just as much care with my animals as I do. “Dee Dee the Pet Nanny” is professional, caring, meticulous, and above all an animal lover!  ~ Tiffany


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