Dee Dee, The Pet Nanny professional pet service recommends reserving pet services in advance, including new client’s consultations. Please contact Dee Dee at 919-323-9099 or email deedee@deedeethepetnanny.com.

Include in information, name, address, telephone number, dates of needed service and specific pet services you would like to reserve


See fee page.


New clients consultations will be scheduled prior to needed service. Meeting you and your pets, completing or reviewing required forms such as client and pet profiles, veterinary authorizations, discussing routines, special care, or request you may have are all very important information to glean necessary information to customize each individual client and pet(s) needs.

First consultation is complimentary with reservation of future pet service. A $17 consultation fee is applied with no reservation, but can be applied toward future pet service reserved.  Any requested consultation after initial consultation due to new pet, different residence, etc., will be an additional $17 fee unless indicated by pet service owner.

Pet Service During Client’s Travel

Clients will be required to reserve a minimum of 3 visits per day for dogs that do not have outside access (doggy door, neighbor) and a minimum of one visit per day for all other species if we are the sole caretakers. (There are a few exceptions. This policy assures your pet’s comfort and well-being.

Outdoor Animals

Clients who instruct us to allow their animals outside (indoor/outdoor cats, invisible or fenced in yards, etc.) without supervision eliminates our pet service to be able to insure the safety of any animal. You may request the unsupervised outside access for your pet, but we cannot be responsible for any harm that your animal may cause to other animals, humans, or to itself.


Payments are due on or prior to first day of service.  Any other payment arrangement to be approved by pet service owner.  Cash is preferred, but checks are also accepted.  A $25 fee is required for any returned check.

Out of Town Return

When you have been out of town, we ask that you please call or email your professional pet sitter to inform that you have returned safely to your pets after they have been in our care. If we don’t hear from you, expect phone calls until you are reached. We are responsible for your pet(s) well-being and we want to be assure your care has been re-established.