Daily Dog Walks

Whether it be morning, evening, or our very popular “Lunch Bunch” (mid-day walks), this is a great way to assure that your pet receives exercise, potty breaks, stimulation, and fresh air. It gives dogs and puppies a great opportunity for the needed attention and training. Due to our busy lives and long days, it’s so important that we remember to take care of our dog’s needs.

  • Walking and exercising dogs on as normal a schedule as possible.
  • Encourage appropriate behavior on walks/ training.
  • Clean up accidents and dispose of outside waste appropriately.
  • Replenish water and food (if they need lunch time feeding)
  • Giving treats if allowed.
  • Daily log and contacting pet parents if any concerns.
  • Playtime and an abundance of love.
  • Maintaining the security of your home.

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