Boarding at Dee Dee’s House

Home away from home is what it’s like for the small dogs who stay at Dee Dee’s house. Only one client’s dog (no more than two from same household) may board at any time.  Having our “PJ party” first gives the pet parent and the dog the opportunity to sleep over night before the client leaves town. This gives the dog a chance to become familiar their surroundings and all the love and care he or she will be showered with. Before long our boarders know me as Aunt Dee Dee. THEY ALL BECOME A PART OF OUR EXTENDED FAMILY.  We are very blessed.

  • Consultation is at Dee Dee’s house.
  • “P.J. Party” (overnight stay) occurs before client leaves town.
  • All the care, needs, and love each boarder requires is guaranteed and given with unconditional love.

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