Philosophy (aka Wagging Tails)

“Wagging tails, purrs abound, smiling faces, exposing bellies, and the gift of unconditional love is what I receive everyday. How blessed I am! How blessed we are with all our furry, little heartbeats.”
                                       With unconditional love,
                                       Dee Dee Fouts


Something was missing! I really began to search for my passion. The “AH HA” moment emerged and I began my pet service business reflecting how I feel about my own pets. They are my FAMILY, my KIDS! Hiring a professional pet care provider whose guarantee was that my pets would be of the highest priority was most important. Caring for them was not just being on a list of pets to be watered, fed, and go potty.

Dee Dee, “The Pet Nanny” professional pet service was born with the vision of passionate care for all the pets we service. With enthusiasm, our goals are to make sure your pets are safe, secure, comfortable, happy, and loved. A lot of time and effort is put into making sure this happens.

Throughout the last 4 years as an established pet service business, ideas that I already knew about felines and canines were proved to be “right on.”  First of all, they have taught me so many wonderful things about life.  The gifts they give me everyday are supreme.  Canines and felines have opinions just like their care givers do.  Talk about personalities galore!   They have their own spoken and unspoken language which sometimes is so clear to us humans – at least, us gifted, lucky ones. Their relationships with fellow feline and canine companions or acquaintenances are forever interesting and sometimes so solid, nothing can unbind it.  You know all these wonderful characteristics of the animal world. The unconditional love and attention you receive every day is a glorious miracle.

Whoops I almost forgot, Maggie, my dog, has some input which she thinks is very Important.

“My Mom is the very best.. She not only visits, walks, and loves every pet she takes care of. She is experienced with blind, deaf, and other special needs pets. She even lets me have “buddies” (boarders) over to stay in our home. They are spoiled just like I am. I love it!
Spoiled, but lovable Maggie